1-Effects of different brainwave frequencies

From scientific findings, it has been established that there are five waves within the brain with each having a unique frequency that affects activities of the brain and each of these frequencies has its own specific function that can never be undermined. Here are the effects of each wave;

  •  Delta waves (1–4 Hz)

Delta wave has the lowest frequency of all waves of the brain and it has been indicated as being dominant during the deep sleep state. It is very useful in meditation as it involves rest and sleeps which are some of the best means of rejuvenating the mind, spirit, and body.

  • Theta waves (4–7Hz)

Simply associated with light sleep state, dream and hypnosis, theta waves are very important for meditation as the person is not fully awake but rather in a state of reduced consciousness.

  • Alpha Waves (7-13Hz)

Alpha waves are mostly present in a relaxed state of mind when the mind wanders away from the present travails and troubles. The tranquilizing effect of this state is very useful during meditation.

  • Beta Waves (13-30Hz)

Basically, beta waves are dominant during alertness and wakefulness and they are often highly dominant during concentration and ecstasy.

  • Gamma waves (30-70Hz)

Alongside other waves, gamma waves indicate a state of wakefulness and they are also dominantly present during processes of touch, auditory and visual stimuli.

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2-How Neuroplasticity Can Work Using Different Frequencies?

Have you ever heard of the word neuroplasticity before? Neuroplasticity is simply explained as the phenomenon behind the ability of the brain to reorganize itself through the creation of new neural pathways. This reorganization can be as a result of experiences, developmental issues or brain damages. Also called brain plasticity, it is a process that takes place right from birth till the moment of death.

How can this neuroplasticity work with the aid of different frequency? Well, different frequencies are often indicated within the brain with various waves associated with them; however, the dominant waves at a certain time depend on the activities that are going on within the brain. For instance, the frequency is lower when an individual is in sleep and reduced consciousness state.

With the changing frequencies within the brain, the phenomenon of neuroplasticity responds by promoting a healthy balance in between the changes through neurofeedback. This neurofeedback brings about changes to the brain as the brain moves from the state of alertness and consciousness to deep sleep state and vice versa. With this done, neuroplasticity has effectively worked using different frequencies within the brain.

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3-How to Increase Your Brain Power to Make Your Relationships be in Harmony and   Make Money

What really is brain power and how can it be used in favor of your relationships and finances?

By definition, brain power is the mental capacity or intellectual ability of an individual. It is the ability of an individual to reason intellectually and it often plays pivotal roles in our day-to-day activities.

With an improved brain power, you have more control over your life and other things going on around you that can affect your social, spiritual and mental wellness. When you have control over your life and things around you, you can easily take decisions that can be of benefit to your relationships. Apart from relationships, taking important decisions in your business and workplaces is directly dependent on your brain power and as such, an increased brain power will positively shape your finances, thereby helping you make more money.

How can you increase your brain power?

  • Exercise your brain regularly with physical exercises, learning, reading and mental strengthening games.
  • Meditate regularly to improve your calmness and cognitive reasoning
  • Have adequate sleep to improve the functioning of your brain
  • Take amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, coffee and other diets that are capable of enhancing your logical thinking.

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