One of the ways to essentially “train” the brain (they call it Brainwave Technology
I am confident you have heard of biofeedback. Essentially, biofeedback is a method of obtaining important information from your own system so as to manage it better. In essence, biofeedback is the science of self-regulation.

For instance, making use of a thermometer to take the temperature is a basic demonstration of biofeedback. Several years of research with various types of biofeedback have suggested that must be helpful in treating various kinds of psychological and physical disorders. For example EEG biofeedback (also known as neuro-feedback) uses an EEG or electroencephalograph device to evaluate the brainwaves, which are essentially electrical vibrations from the surface of the scalp.
This brainwave details can be utilized therapeutically to cure conditions as diverse as epilepsy, concentration deficit disorder, learning disorders and drug obsession. It has even also been utilized to improve sports performance.

The downside to EEG biofeedback is usually that it is costly and time-consuming. Let alone that few individuals need to go through such a directed healing regimen.
Consequently, scientific research has come up with convenient brain entertainment technology with more appeal for the common population, individuals. An inexpensive-to-produce also simple-to-use technology to assist those who have lots of anxiety in our lives, and to help those of us with the occasional psychological problems and blocks to achieve optimal emotional and mental well-being.

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